Our systems have one goal. To help you make better decisions.

Designed with expert industry and academic input, our systems leverage deep expertise in decision making through applying state of the art decision theory and best practices.

Amadeus is our commercial flagship product. It consists of two options, Amadeus.SRA™ and Amadeus.Decide™. The Amadeus decision system is easy to use and significantly improves decision making effectiveness and efficiency. Our decision modeling system is developed to be Analytic, Transparent, Secure, and Collaborative.


HR talent assessment system that is immediately accretive to financial and organizational performance.


Solves more general decision making problems. It is particularly applicable to complex resource allocation processes such as Capital and Operational Expenditure planning.

The Amadeus System supports innovative organizations from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Engaged in all fields and industries such as the Government, Not For Profits, professional athletic organizations, and privately held companies.

We are often asked why Amadeus.SRA™ and Amadeus.Decide™ are delivered as traditional or "fat client" applications. Amadeus.SRA™ and Amadeus.Decide™ are designed for specific processes of organizational human resource and allocation decisions. Their Analytic, Transparent, Secure and Collaborative design incorporates heightened security, analytic, and reporting capabilities and is available on a variety of license plans. Either way, regardless of whether you decide with Amadeus.SRA™ or Amadeus.Decide™ you can be assured that you are using the most advanced decision processes available and that they incorporate the most current decision theory and industry best practices.

Amadeus.SRA™ and Amadeus.Decide™ allow you exclusive control of your information and retain the following capabilities:

This reduces set up and the time required before productive use. Amadeus.SRA™ and Amadeus.Decide™ can be licensed in the morning and used in the afternoon.
This allows you to capture benefits quickly, control and predict your costs, and avoid "surprise" increases.
Features "hook free" implementation. Amadeus.SRA™ and Amadeus.Decide™ support standardized spreadsheet formats. This allows you to import and export all of your information and to change systems when you want.
An untethered design that supports natural decision making wherever and whenever you want.
Typical response time of one or two seconds with even the most complex computations and visualizations. This reduces frustration and improves decision quality and insight.

If you would like more information regarding our software, please contact us at info@octothorpesoftware.com.

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