Our systems have one goal. To help you make better decisions.

We have deep expertise in decision making and our systems are designed with expert industry and academic input that applies state of the art decision theory and best practices. The Amadeus family of decision systems are sophisticated yet easy to use and significantly and substantially improve the effectiveness and efficiency of decision making.

Our flagship commercial products are Amadeus.SRATM and Amadeus.DecideTM, decision modeling systems that are Analytic, Transparent, Secure and Collaborative.

Amadeus.SRATM is a human resource talent assessment system that is immediately accretive to financial and organizational performance.

Amadeus.DecideTM solves more general decision making problems. It is particularly applicable to complex resource allocation processes such as Capital and Operational Expenditure planning.

While built upon the same underlying decision theory, Help Me ChooseTM is a consumer comparison service for everyday decisions.

If you have executive accountability for operational strategy and would like more information or a brochure that explains how Amadeus.SRATM and Amadeus.DecideTM can help you make better decisions more efficiently and effectively please write to us on letterhead or send an email to

For questions about Help Me ChooseTM please visit