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Round 2.5 Companies Announced

Over the past three weeks a panel of 54 jury members have been reviewing applications submitted by 123 companies. Their scores have now been analyzed by Octothorpe, and the results are in!

Avoiding Layoff Blunders

It’s surprisingly common for companies to make mistakes in their layoff decisions — and those mistakes can be expensive. Fortunately, businesses can do better. Research highlight written by the CEO of Octothorpe, Peter Tingling.

Vancouver Hockey Analytics Conference

The Vancouver Hockey Analytics Conference is the largest hockey analytics gathering on the West Coast. The conference gives the hockey analytics community a means to show new ways to think about the sport.


Recommendations of popular books on decision making.
A look at several of biases which result from the use of heuristics.

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Our systems have one goal. To help you make better decisions. Amadeus Decision Systems incorporate academic and industrial expertise with state-of-the-art decision theory and best practise to help you make better decisions more effectively and efficiently.


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Octothorpe Software Corporation seeks high integrity lateral thinkers who thrive in an intense, challenging and competitive Results Oriented Work Environment where creativity and initiative are rewarded.

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